Family business

We started our charter company in 1996 but our experience in sailing was gained over few generations on our ten meter sailing yacht since 1935. Back then she was one of few in these areas. Our first season we started with just two boats but with every new season we were adding new boats to our fleet. Now we have many boats and all of them are in top shape. The way we maintain our boats is something that we are very proud of and our customers appreciate it. None of our boats have promotion materials on it, which gives our clients an additional privacy and they can feel like they own a boat!


Our Team

An experienced team of people passionate about sailing

Duško Mrduljaš

Started ABA VELA in 1996. in order to combine business with his passion for sailing. Strong perseverance enabled him to tackle business hurdles and push forward, a trade gained in rowing, his other passion, where he won a bronze medal at 1980. Olympics.

Tonka Mrduljaš

Speaking 5 languages makes Tonka true polyglot and having somebody welcome you in your native language after a long trip to Croatia helps to make a friendly connection. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call her, she will gladly help you.

Jure Mrduljaš

Having a passion for water sports, he was around boats his whole life. Over 20 years in charter business accumulated enough experience to tackle any problem related to boats and charter business. Feel free to ask any question to our base manager.

Vinka Mrduljaš

Cornerstone of ABA VELA. She dots the i's and crosses the t's, nothing escapes her oversight and need to make things right. She is loved by marina staff and competing charter staff due to her warm nature and eager to help attitude.

Nataša Mrduljaš

An army of students overwhelms marina docks on a Saturday morning and in order to turn that mayhem into order you need Nataša. Nothing escapes her experienced eye, she is strict but fair she treats our cleaning staff with respect.

Mario Mihanović

For him there is always something more that can be done to make boats better and customers happier. He has great people skills and endless patience. If you are not sure how to use some equipment, he is your guy.