ACI Marina: pier D

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We started our charter company in 1996 but our experience in sailing was gained over few generations on our ten meter sailing yacht since 1935. Back then she was one of few in these areas.
Our first season we started with just two boats but with every new season we were adding new boats to our fleet. Now we have 15 boats which is, by our concept, right number to provide a good service to customers and to maintain high standard in ship maintenance.
All our boats are in top shape. The way we maintain our boats is something that we are very proud of and our customers appreciate it. None of our boats have promotion materials on it, which gives our clients an additional privacy and they can feel like they own a boat!



Contact us at any time for any reason. Our service is always available for you. Please use Yacht maintenance form for making reservations, but if you have a wish that can not be expressed through form do not hesitate to contact us.

Company ID(VAT): HR19351581994
Agency ID: HR-AB-21-060029066

City office: Marina office: Our Bank info:
Address: ABA VELA d.o.o.
Jobova 3,
21000, Split
Address: ABA VELA d.o.o.
Uvala baluni 8,
21000, Split
Bank: Raiffeisenbank bank d.d. (RBA)
Svaciceva 2
21000, Split
Tel: +385 21 321 407 Tel: +385 98 667620 Swift: RZBHHR2XXXX
Fax: +385 21 321 406 Mob: +385 98 9354794 IBAN: HR8124840081107411613
Mob: +385 98 667 622        
E-mail: contact@abavela.com        


Meet our crew. You will find nothing but nice and friendly people always willing to help you.

Base Manager: Jure Mrduljaš
  Phone: +385 98 935 47 94
  Speaks: English, Italian
Guest reception: Vinka Mrduljaš
  Phone: +385 98 66 76 20
  Speaks: English, Italian
Owner: Duško Mrduljaš
  Phone: +385 98 286 417
  Speaks: English, Italian, German
Booking service: Nataša Mrduljaš
  Speaks: English, Italian
Director: Tonka Mrduljaš
  Phone: +385 98 667620
  Speaks: English, Italian, Spanish


Base of ABA VELA Charter is in ACI marina in Split on the west side of Split harbour. It is within walking distance to the town center (15min). Our boats are on the peer “D” which is close to our marina office.
Working hours during the the season:
Friday:     17 – 20 h
Saturday:  8 – 20 h
Sunday:    8 – 12 h

Please send crew list 7 days before charter which includes: full name, date and state of birth, nationality, number of passport or ID, and for the skipper (obligatory) also send a copy of skipper’s certificate and radio license. Please inform us regarding estimated time of your arrival in marina.

For security deposit we accept: VISA, AMEX, Diners, MasterCard.

ACI marina has a small shop, toilets & showers. There are four restaurants very close to ACI marina: Zrno soli, Jugo, Skipper and Adriatic. There are couple of bigger stores close by. For parking space please ask the guard at the gate of marina or on reception desk.